La Mauvaise Grève (Moguériec)

If its name (which means "bad beach") is justified sometimes the winter, this beach intersected with rocks is generally during the summer(at low tide) an ideal initiation site.

This spot, in general receives quite good the swell (window of west in the North-East), a wind of south is ideal.With low tide the waves break on a sandy bottom.

The beach is below the camp-site “Théven”


 Le Dossen (Santec)

Great white sand beach  oriented full west, the dossen offers pretty conditions by east wind and west swell.

The best conditions are between the mid-tide and the high-tide.


Les Amiets (Cléder)

Great white sand beach  with turquoise water when the weather is good. This spot, oriented northern, is ideal by south or south-west wind.

Suited for the improvement betwen the mid-tide to high-tide if the swell is moderate.

By strong swell it's recommended to be an experienced surfer!