Priority rules in Surf and SUP


The first and most basic rule of surfing is that the surfer who gets to his/her feet first and is closest to the whitewater (the breaking section of the wave) has priority (in theory but not reality, that surfer owns the wave).

Sometimes, however, two surfers get up at the same time on an unbroken wave. In this case, priority gets murky, and hopefully basic human decency takes over. Maybe a compromise in which the surfers ride the wave together or go their separate ways can be reached, but be assured that confrontations do occur in lineup. Remember, no wave is worth a fight, so be the bigger person and let it go.

From the "fédération française de surf:"




Do not by-pass systematically the other surfers to find you in good position when the sets arrives. Wait your turn!

Do not get upset. Be courteous to everyone in the water.