"L'ecole de surf du leon" is an itinerant surf school on the spots of the "Leonarde" coast between Santec and Cléder, open to everyone from 8 years old.

In the center of the arc Morlaix, Landivisiau, Lesneven, this some kms of coast, besides offering sumptuous landscapes and the unforgettable ones stroll, have the particuliarity to be the northern Finistere most exposed coast to swell.


The places of practice of the school are "LeDossen" (Santec), "la mauvaise greve"(Sibiril, port of Mogueriec) and the beach of "Amiets" (Cleder). According to the conditions (swell, wind and tide), an appointment is given beforehand on such or such spot, in order to be suited perfectly for the level of practice of the pupils and to optimize their progression.

The lessons hare given by Jean Baptiste Bodenes, graduate of the "brevet d'etat de surf" and “local” of the spots for more than 20 years. The number of pupils by lesson is  8 maximum, distributed, as far as possible, in group of age and level.

The equipment is provided by the school it is composed of surfboards and wetsuits. The boards are adapted to the initiation and the improvement of the pupils of any age.

Besides the technique of the activity, the pupils are initiated with the respect of the environment, the rules of priority and user-friendliness and also to the possible dangers inherent in the practice of surfing, this to  render them autonomous.

The school ensures the pupils and me with "civil responsibility" within the framework of the lessons.